How to become a selfless Leader

2015-06-18-JUNI_PROF_Selfless-leader_selvya_Image-ArtikelGive respect to earn respect.

Become a leader is not easy work. You should work hard to earn respect and trust from others or your workers. You should give respect to them as much as you can, you should help them as much as you can. Then only they appreciate you and trust you. Do not ignore any of your subordinates of anything, some of them share their own issue if they believe you. But always remember, the secret is secret. Some day if you get angry with them, do not ever loud of any of the mysteries of them.

On the other hand, do not ever wast your free time. If you engage your workers in your free time, definitely it will return from them. Have more time to teach them and guide them for their works. Do not ever get angry with any mistakes that they did in their daily work. Try to be a humble man for them, they will return their respect in all the ways.

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