Something about Himmafushi island, in the most beautiful country, the Maldives.

The island of Himmafushi is one of the beautiful and calm in the Maldives. According to census 2014, the total population of 1725 people, including foreigners, is living on the island. Out of these, there are 1241 men and 484 are women. The total population of the Maldivians is 1328, that is 861 male and 467 female. The total number of foreigners on the island is 397, which include 380 men and 17 female.

Several businesses are doing on the island; some are doing guest house business; some are operating speed boats, and some are running factories. Then other best thing is the only open prison in the Maldives located in the himmafushi island. The distance between himmafushi and the Male city is about 20 minutes with the speed boat.

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